Do Healthy Kids Need Supplements?

Do Healthy Kids Need Supplements?

As a parent, you may be ripping up between the advantages and disadvantages of giving your child the best vitamins and supplements. You have to decide whether the benefits are enough to outweigh the possible penalties that might come along with certain accessories. In other words, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every supplement and determine whether or not you or your child will benefit from it. Here’s how you do that.


The majority of healthy kids need supplements because they don’t get enough nutrients through their regular food intake. Many times, a healthy diet doesn’t contain enough of the nutrients that children need. You can increase these nutrients by including more dairy products, vegetables, fruits, meat, and poultry in your child’s meals. Milk is the right choice for this, but you should limit its consumption. Too much milk can be just as harmful to young ones as too little.


One of the best ways to ensure that your child gets the right amount of vitamins and other nutrients is to give them a healthy snack each day. Most kids will love gummy bears, fruit juices, or healthy cookies. They like the taste and want to eat it all day. Some people combine these snacks with fruit. If you combine the two, you are sure to provide your child with tons of vitamins.

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Some foods are fortified with various types of vitamins and other nutrients. If you buy food supplements, make sure that your child’s food supplement contains the nutrients your child needs to stay healthy and develop naturally. It’s also important to read the label on food supplements. Some food supplements are more effective than others at providing your child with the nutrients they need. Even the best food supplements won’t work as well if your child isn’t getting enough of the nutrients he or she needs to stay healthy.


The excellent way to ensure that your child gets the right amount of nutrients is to eat a balanced diet made up of the right foods. If you have food supplements, you’ll want to choose those containing vitamins A, C, E, and K. These are the vitamins found in most foods, including most vegetables and fruits. Some food supplements are fortified with other nutrients, too. Some contain extra antioxidants, such as Vitamin C. Antioxidants are essential to our health because they neutralize free radicals that attack cells. Free radicals cause diseases, premature aging, and some cancers.


Another nutrient found in foods that are good for us is Iron. Iron can be such in red meats, green leafy vegetables, certain dairy products, and whole-grain foods. You may be familiar with the food supplement known as Iron Guard. This is a great food supplement designed to provide extra Iron for infants and young children to ensure that they get enough to function normally. If your child has a history of anemia, talk to his doctor about an iron supplement.

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One type of food supplement that is often overlooked as a nutritional necessity is gummy vitamins. These are a particular class of food containing a gelatinous substance claimed to aid digestion and promote healthy teeth and gums. Although these are sometimes referred to as chewy or candy vitamins, the real significance is nothing more than a vitamin. They do not have any vitamins other than what they already contain, usually in the form of Flintstones vitamins. No studies support the claims that they help promote healthy teeth or gums, and many of the tasks that have been done on them have been equivocal in their results. This is one example of why it’s a good idea to take a multi-vitamin daily.


Are there any other types of foods that should be considered as supplemental? Yes, they definitely should! Leafy green vegetables and fish contain essential vitamins and minerals. However, the best way to get all the nutrients that your body needs in a simple, easy to prepare, and delicious way is to use fortified orange juice. The juice is loaded with florals, citrus flavors, and antioxidants, all of which are important for healthy skin and teeth. Taking a fresh glass of orange juice every day is a great way to boost your immune system and overall health.

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